Netropy Series

Netropy’s high-precision network emulators make it easy to simulate complex network topologies for advanced performance testing at speeds up to 100 Gbps.

The Netropy range comprises 7 models.

  • Netropy N61
  • Netropy N91
  • Netropy 10G1
  • Netropy 10G2
  • Netropy 10G4
  • Netropy 40G
  • Netropy 100G


Multiple Links: Simulate up to 15 separate WAN links through each Emulation Engine.

Multiple Engines: Take advantage of multiple emulation engines with the Netropy N91, 10G2 and 10G4 models which provide concurrent testing capabilities for multi-user environments.

Packet Filtering: Assign packets to different links by IP address, VLAN, or any other packet identifier.

Bandwidths up to 100 Gbps: Precisely emulate links from 100 bits per second up to 100 Gbps.

Latency up to 20 sec: Emulate delay and jitter of 10 seconds or more in each direction, in increments of 0.01 ms.

Flexible Interfaces: The N61 and N91 emulators are available with copper or SFP ports. The 10G1 and 10G2 offer 1/10 Gbps dual rate SFP+ ports for easy integration into 1 or 10 Gbps networks.

Loss & Corruption: Set random, burst, or periodic packet loss. Test the effects of corruption on voice and video applications.

Capture & Replay: Record the delay and loss characteristics of a production network as they vary second-by-second and replay them through the Netropy network emulator.

Background Utilization: Test application performance over a congested network with Netropy’s background utilization and PCAP replay features. No need for costly traffic generators or a rack full of client machines.

Traffic Monitor: View and download up to 24 hours of throughput graphs and link statistics.

Automated Testing: Automate application performance testing with Apposite’s comprehensive command line interface (CLI).

Unsurpassed Precision: Test with confidence with Netropy’s high-precision WAN emulation tools to ensure accurate and repeatable results.

Priced Right: Get the functionality and performance you need at a price you can afford.

Multi-link Emulations

Each Emulation Engine can simulate up to 30 separate WAN links. Each Netropy unit contains up to 4 independent Emulation Engines, depending on the model. Emulate multi-site networks: Model a full enterprise network of regional, branch, and local offices, telecommuters,and partners, all connected to headquarters or a centralized data center. 

  • View applications as they will be seen by different end users 
  • Verify the operation of application servers with concurrent users

Side-by-side benchmarking: Run separate tests side-by-side. 

  • View the effects of different conditions on application responsiveness
  • Compare products from different vendors
  • Tune application settings
  • Analyze the benefits of acceleration and optimization products 

High scalability: Simulate thousands of separate clients for testing cloud-based applications, mobile apps and gaming.

Isolate individual applications: Segregate traffic from different devices and apply impairments to specific applications

Concurrent testing: Test a matrix of conditions by running multiple emulations in parallel.

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